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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor

I just realised.. I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I didn't write a review. Shame on me! So.... let's get in to business.


At the beginning I was a little skeptical about this book, because I knew it envolved a lot of fantasy, and weird creatures in all shapes, sizes, colours, faces, all that. And when I read I usually imagine concepts of how I perceive how the character is. I rarely put a face to them, is like instead of imagine how the character looks I feel the character, their feelings tell me how to imagine them at the time. Don't know how to explain it, I know is weird.. but hey, I'm weird. So, when I knew there would be a lot of different creatures, I knew I had to read over and over a character description to being able to imagine how it would look; specially with this weird form creatures.


Fortunately, the story was worth it; so, this was a completely different reading experience for me. For starters, the story first took place at Prague, that was a big bonus because going to that city is part of my bucket list. Then the characters where funny, with strong personalities and unpredictable actions that kept this interest through all the way. I loved Karou and Akiva's love, their story, the emotions, the excitement. It was soooo good. And the end, it kept me wanting to read more. So, here's a question for me... Why haven't I? Well.... I have in my hands a lot of new books that I haven't read... and the rest of the trilogy i still have to purchase, but believe when I tell you it won't take me long to start the other books.


Now you tell me, have you read this book? Are you planning to? What are your thoughts?