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I just finished watching the Delirium Pilot. And I can tell you something, it was better than what I expected. I though it was going to me awful because the network decided no to take the pilot and filming more episodes, but actually it was pretty good.

If you already read the book and you like the adaptations to be exactly like the original story, this isn’t for you. A lot of things were different, like Lena’s family situation, how her relationship with Alex happened, the looks of the characters… A lot changed. But it wasn’t bad, because now I wan’t to know what’s going to happen, because I really have no idea.

The only thing I didn’t completely like was that they tried to tell the story of the first book in just one episode, so it could be a little confusing to does who haven’t read the book. But I get it, they wanted to make the series about he wilds, and the revolution against the cure. Actually I would like to continue watching more episodes. I hope they decide to continue with the project because it could become something big.

Now you tell ,me what did you think about this pilot ?