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Exciting, frustrating and romantic

The One  - Kiera Cass

I know you know why frustrating... because our lovely protagonist America Singer is in fact... frustrating. No one can deny it. But fortunately she wasn't that bad in the final book of this trilogy. Don't get me wrong, I love America; how strong she is, what an amazing heart she has, how loyal she is to her values. But let's face it, she is a woman living in an environment where every woman would feel insecure and that stupid decisions; I know I would. Maybe thats why she was so frustrating, because I know a lot of us would have done the same, but because we saw everything from outside, we knew what stupid mistakes she was doing.


But I love how the story ended. I love how Maxon and America gave themselves one last chance before choosing "The One". Aww... the way they danced and talk in the roof, the way Maxon proposed, it was beautiful and romantic. I love them together, I always have. But I almost died in so many parts... for example, whey America got shot and they took her to Aspen's room and Maxon saw the letter she wrote so many years ago to Aspen about loving him forever. I almost couldn't hold my breath. But when I really had to stop reading to take a breath was when Maxon saw America and Aspent talking so close after he had proposed to her. I know many people don't get why he got so mad just because they were talking, but I do.. Maxon always suspected that something was going on between them, and when America finally told him the truth he felt like she was cheating, like everything she said was a lie.


And finally, the rebel invasion in the castle, how Maxon was shot, and how he was more worried about America's safety than his; and how she hated to leave him in that place alone dying. That's when they realised that they had to be together, for real... that they only had one chance to live a happy ending together. And how America thought Maxon was dead but then he wasn't and he kinda propose again and she said yes, and they married. And how Aspen walked her down de aisle, because they realised they loved each other but like family, and Aspen found another true love. Everything was perfect.


The only thing that I think Kiera Cass should do is write some kind of Prequel, about how that new country was founded, why everything was they way it was. Because I know a lot of fans wanted a story where the dystopian world could be the protagonist. What do you think? Would you like a prequel? Did you like the trilogy ended?