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Traveling through lives

Passion - Lauren Kate

Ok... honestly... this book wasn't necessary. I'm not saying that the story was bad. It was romantic and interesting, as it was explaining a few aspects of the past of Luce and Daniel. But that was it. It was a whole book where we read how they fell in love over and over again in their past lives, how Luce dies burned by fire, and as daniel was shattered. I revealed almost nothing relevant until the end of the book. So by the end, those were just chapters without any contribution to the history. Instead of making a whole book, they would have added some additional chapters to one of the other books and turn it into a trilogy.


Now let's talk about what was interesting ... When I started to read the story and think about Luce's past lives, I always imagined they were in the distant past. But this book reminds us that she reincarnates more or less every 17 years, and in the present, people from her past lives are still alive. Like her sister who works in a casino in Vegas. Or their parents from a previous life now living in a nursing home. It helps us to remember that despite her curse, and the fact that she reincarnates again and again, there where people involve that had no lives revolved around Daniel.


Another thing I found interesting, that I suspected, but still did not see coming was the fact that Bill was Lucifer. It was obvious he was bad; because he used to hide when Daniel was close, or his attitude about wanting to kill Lucinda's immortal soul. But the fact that he was Lucifer ... wow! And his plan for go "back in time" and rewrite everything, and having to avoid it in just 9 days ... I have to accept it was a good way to make us want to read the last book to find out how they plan to fix it.


It was good, a little to long for the little things that were revealed, but it prepares for the final book. Now tell me, what did you think about Passion?