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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars… and all I can say is it was “a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”


I truly loved it… at the beginning I though it would be a book full of tragedy, tears and pessimism. And I thought that because I have a sister that once had cancer and a grandfather who died from cancer, and that process usually is full of sadness. But this book was a good surprise… 


It made me laugh so hard, made me fall in love, cry, philosophise, made me remember, made me happy and made me sad. It was perfect, because it touch my heart and made me remember that no matter how many books I read about adventures, fantasy, heroes and heroines that no matter what they overcome any difficulties; the truth is that I’m only human, and is part of life, part of being human is to appreciate little things, even bad things, to to be able to recognize happiness and adopt it as part of life.


This taught me, or reminded me, that happiness is a choice. That if I love life, I have the to accept bad thing as part of life. As simple of that. If I love being alive, have experiences, laugh, fall in love, be successful and everything else I dream of, I have to take it with the bad things too.. in the best possible way.


I won’t give andy detail or spoilers about this book. Just gonna say that Hazel and Gus characters were perfect… together and apart. But besides that, I don’t think I need to say something else. The story was really good, but the message it was for each reader, is even better.


Now tell me, have you read this book? What message did you get from the book?