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And the story ends... with a new beginning.

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

City of Heavenly fire finally came out this may 27th, after all this time waiting and wondering how Clary and Jace where going to kill that son of a b***h of Sebastian... Accept it, we all knew he had to die, so that's not a spoiler, I hope.


The book starts with the invasion of the Los Angeles institute where Emma and Jules (the protagonists of the new Shadowhunters trilogy) live. It shows how Sebastian is taking the adult Shadowhunters and turning them, including Jules father. At the beginning I was like "hell no! I want to read about Clary and Jace now!" but let me tell you something, this new characters are awesome. Are a little more alike to the TID characters, and I loved that, because those are my favourite books from the Shadowhunters series.


Theeeeen, the story starts talking about Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabel, Alec, Magnus and all the other characters we already know and like. Jace has to deal with the Heavenly Fire, so he can't get to close to Clary because he can't control it. And because Sebastian is taking over all the institutes they have to travel to Idris because is "safer", but we all know that's not true. Sebastian is invincible... like Simon. They are like cats but with infinite lives! Even when Sebastian tries to take over the Iron Sisters and Jace burns him a little with the Heavenly fire he survives! The good thing about this Jace bleeding fire like gasoline thing was the fact that he burned all the drug inside Brother Zachariah and we transformed in Jem once again. Well, he was always Jem, but the one who talks, and with we drug free black hair... the one who can finally be with Tessa again; and we know that happens because we al read it in the "Princess Clockwork" epilogue.


Then Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabel and Magnus travel to hell to rescue Luke, Jocelyn and Magnus because Sebastian kidnapped them with the help of those horrible Fairies... I hate them so much, specially the Queen; aarrrghh! There Jace and Clary finally control the heavenly fire without telling anyone about it, so they where able to do their thing, hot thing, sex thing... but don't worry, it was safe because Jace had a condom with him, because we all know how important is to take those things with you when you go to hell. I can honestly tell I LOL at that part, I really didn't expected that. But lets keep talking about the rest of the story. There were fights, demons and all that evil creepy think, and at the end Clary was able to kill all the demon blood in Sebastian's body with the Heavenly Fire that she "trapped" in her sword, and all was left was the real Jonathan; that handsome boy with green eyes and good heart that never really had the chance to live. That really made me sad, specially hoy Jocelyn was crying for him, because she finally got his son back just to loose it again. Oh! and the fact that Simon became human and gave up all his memories to save his friends... that broke my heart. But I was so happy when they saw his band new name "The Mortal Instruments", that for me was amazing, that he was starting to remember... and that then he was going to become a shadowhunter!


I'm happy to tell we got a happy ending for this characters, and I really liked how it ended. Was the perfect ending for this series. But I have to be honest, my favourite series is still The Infernal Devices. The emotions those books made me feel where so strong... specially my love for my future husband Will Herondale (don't tell my boyfriend I said that). And because of that, each time a character from TID appeared in the book, I got so excited! Specially when Jace and Tessa talked about going to Los Angeles to take care of Emma. That means they will be part of the new trilogy, so I can't wait for that!


Now you tell me... what did you thing about how this series ended? Are you excited for The Dark Artifices trilogy?