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I have books for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Finally.... I was able to go to the movies, and for what? Of course... for the amazing TFIOS movie! Yes, amazing. I think is the best book-movie adaptation I've ever seen. Even the beginning, both start the same way, and that made me cry, just hearing the intro; because I knew everything I was going to feel from that point.


It was amazing to have images to every single page I read. Specially the Dutch picnic, the time when Augustus was at the gas station asking for help, the whole egg-car situation. Everything was perfect, so beautiful. And Shailene and Ansel where perfect for Hazel and Augustus, they did an awesome job. Usually when I watch a movie I constantly compare it with the book and how I pictured it, but this time there was no need, it was perfect. So... I'm glad I watched it because I was hesitating, it was amazing how it made me feel, how it made me cry. Perfect.


What did you think about this adaptation? Did you like it?