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Taking chances before death does

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers

So… Grave Mercy. This really is my kind of book. I am obsessed with two opposites , historical facts and fantasy; and this book combines both. That’s why it took me so long to read it,  because I needed to investigate the character and historical events and see if they were real or not. And I loved that.


The characters were interesting, both in the way they act and the way you think and feel. Especially Ismae skills, although very superficially explained, intrigued me and I like they guided her in her mission. Especially at the end when she was able to see her father, who revealed her true purpose in life.


I also liked the way that love grew between Ismae and Duval. I liked that it was not love at first sight, it took time to find what really unites them. It is a connection that grows together with respect and admiration. The relationship grew so slowly and mysterious that by the end, I did not know whether to trust or not Duval. Developed so well that every word and every touch I felt nervous Ismae.


I loved the plot, as LaFevers managed to mix historical facts with fantasy that well. As she gave life to the characters, giving them their own personalities and roles in the plot against the Duchess. Everything fit perfectly, even the end managed to leave a satisfying feeling, all ended well, not perfect because we know that things work, but it ended pretty well.

Now is your turn, have you read this book? Should I real the other two?