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Two words: “Mind Blowing”

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

Ok… Crown of midnight.. 


After reading Throne of Glass I really thought the second book couldn’t be any better… well, I was wrong! So many things that I didn’t expected happened in this book, amazing things, mind blowing things… And they never stopped.. I really really enjoyed this book.

The only thing that I hated is that I though the third book was coming out next month… but noooooo… I have to wait until september… and that’s not all… I thought it was a trilogy, and I just found out is a series of 6 books! Wait! What?! I have to wait 4 years to finish this story… I can’t believe it… 


Well, at least is worth it… I only hope for one thing… I want Celaena to end up with Dorian… please… they’re so alike and she is blind because she is running away from being a princes/queen and all that… and not because she hates that kingdom… oh no! If you read this book you know why ;)


Now, tell me what did you think about this book… Are you Team Dorian or Team Chaol?